BTV brings local TV to your phone and desktop for free

There’s a new way to watch local TV on your PC or smartphone—for free. Didja, a Silicon Valley-based company, is taking over-the-air TV channels and packaging them for streaming to a smartphone app.

How Apple turns boring tech chores into exciting key features

When Apple comes to mind, it probably conjures images of slick, carefully engineered devices with innovative, envelope-pushing features. And the company’s surely had more than its fair share of those, but it’s also managed to pull off a subtler but … Continue reading

iOS 11.2: Beta 4 is now available for developers

Updated 11/17/17: The fourth iOS 11.2 beta is available to the developers. iOS 11 is the biggest change to Apple’s mobile operating system in years. It’s so ambitious in scope that many of it’s promised features still haven’t shipped yet. … Continue reading

iPhone 2018 rumors: New modem chips may mean better cellular connectivity

Updated 11/17/17: A new report from KGI details several improvements to cellular connectivity. It’s not enough that the new iPhone X is only a few days old; rumors about next year’s iPhone are already starting to fly. We’ll keep track … Continue reading

Apple delays HomePod till 2018

Here’s one Apple product you won’t find under the tree this year: HomePod. While Apple had originally planned to release its HomePod smart speaker in December, it has now announced that it will be pushed back until early 2018. In … Continue reading

Hex TLS Bluetooth speaker review: 808 Audio delivers solid mono thump and good looks, but few amenities

This speaker is attractive, rugged, easy to pack, and it delivers an authoritative thump, but it’s missing a few key features, including speakerphone functionality and the ability to charge other USB devices.

The FCC gives 4K, next-gen TV the green light

The Federal Communications Commission has approved plans for the launch of next-generation TV broadcasting that could include 4K programming, improved interactive services and greater targeted advertising.

iMovie 10 review: Free video editing that’s elegant and easy

Apple’s iMovie has been around for a long time, and it has always focused on one philosophy: ease of use in a clean and elegant interface. After many years, this hasn’t changed. It’s still a delight to use, if a … Continue reading

How to quickly and discreetly disable Face ID on the iPhone X

Face ID is at least as secure as Touch ID, but it does have its drawbacks. If you have an identical twin, for example, they will probably be able to fool it. And if someone gets ahold of your phone … Continue reading

Minority report: Fixing Apple-caused problems

Rejoice, dear readers! The Macalope brings you good tidings, for a noted technologamagonist has a solution to the problems of modern society that are all caused by Apple! Writing for TechNewsWorld, the Weekly World News of technology, Rob Enderle asks … Continue reading