Rattlesnake gets waaay too close in terrifying video

Be careful what you wish for. After an unsuccessful search for snakes, YouTuber Nick The Wrangler sat down to take a break. A moment later, an extremely venomous snake got a little too close to him.  “I heard a rustle … Continue reading

Sean Hannity is desperate for your retweets

For a moment, it seemed like the Sean Hannity conspiracy train had come to a halt.  The Fox News host announced on his show Tuesday night that he would stop talking about the debunked claim that murdered DNC staffer Seth … Continue reading

This Ultimate Lightning McQueen robot is awesomely real

Pixar’s original Cars movie worked because you believed cars had feelings.  Anthropomorphized vehicles talking, fighting, falling in love. It all clicked because of Pixar’s animation prowess and the voice talents of people like Owen Wilson.  That magic, though, doesn’t always … Continue reading

A happy ending to a poignant NBA storyline

J.R. Smith was living the dream: He got married to girlfriend Jewel Harris last summer right after his Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship; soon after, a baby daughter was on the way.  But that dream turned scary in January … Continue reading

Someone finally beat Trump at his handshake game

President Donald Trump has become infamous for his handshaking technique, but finally, he may have met his match. Thanks to Trump being in the public eye for so long, documentation of his “yank and pull” style handshake is vast. Some … Continue reading

Overpriced garbage from Trump’s estate we could sell to offset his budget cuts

President Trump has unveiled his first major budget proposal, allowing Americans to finally take a break from the nonstop political scandals and focus their attention on something far more familiar: human cruelty. What a relief! The president’s budget proposes deep … Continue reading

Why we’ll never see the likes of Roger Moore again

The phrase “end of an era” is overused to the point of cliche. But when it comes to Sir Roger Moore, who died Tuesday in Switzerland at the age of 89, it actually applies.  Moore was the consummate British gentleman … Continue reading

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ pays tribute to Carrie Fisher in a ‘Vanity Fair’ cover and now we’re crying

Our beloved space princess is looking like a space queen today on the cover of Vanity Fair. Carrie Fisher’s is one of four covers released by the magazine to celebrate both the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi … Continue reading

Check out Microsoft’s latest, sleekest Surface Pro

Microsoft is dropping the number scheme. This is the Surface Pro, and it doesn’t have any crazy new features or a radical redesign. Instead, this model introduces big improvements to the existing technology, including major upgrades to the Surface Pen, … Continue reading

New dating app goes full-blown ‘Law and Order’, bans everyone with a criminal record

A new dating app is going full-blown Law and Order on daters by running a background check on them before they get swiping. And then blocking anyone who has a criminal record But, is it fair to apply ban literally … Continue reading