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(AppleNews247.Com, December 06, 2011 ) Douala, Cameroon -- The advent of social media networking has facilitated the way businesses communicate and share information with clients, vendors and employees. Houston, TX based SEO press release distribution services, EmailWire, with feeds to social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others recommends "Make Social Networking Work for You:"

"The rise of social networking at the professional level is a clear indication that companies of all sizes and in all industries need faster and more effective ways to communicate--internally as well as to customers, vendors, and other partners.

"This white paper will discuss how the same concepts that have transformed personal communication are now being applied to enhance enterprise collaboration. Additionally this will also cover the benefits and challenges associated with implementing enterprise collaboration technologies, and highlight iWay CEP Enable, a powerful solution that can extend the value of enterprise collaboration platforms with broad-reaching integration capabilities as well as CEP functionality. "

"Make Social Networking Work for You:" is offered free of charge by: Information Builders, Inc and present today by EmailWire.Com

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Houston, Texas based EmailWire.Com ( is SEO online press release distribution services for small and medium size companies, public and investor relations firms and stocks promotion companies. Press releases that EmailWire.Com distributes appear on thousands of news sites such as Bing news from Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Google and Finance News (NASDAQ: GOOG), MoneyWatch.Com from CBS (NASDAQ: CBS), Yahoo search (NASDAQ: YHOO) just to name a few. EmailWire press releases also appear on thousands of blogs and RSS feeds, newspapers, radio and television news sites. Hundreds of social media sites also carry EmailWires press releases: for example, Facebook and Linkedin (NYSE: LNKD). For more information on press release distribution services go to


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