Toy Factory – iPhone – HD Gameplay Trailer

Toy Factory™ by Chillingo Ltd It's a different kind of toy story... In Toy Factory you run both the Factory floor and Toy Shop. Personalize your store and production zone how you wish, then visit your friends and see how they are doing! • FROM THE SUPPLIERS TO THE BUYERS Get lost in the experience of owning your own Toy brand. Start by making the toys, and then sell them to the customers. Toy Factory lets you manage the process every step of the way! • DESIGN AND DISCOVER Your factory is staffed by cute little stuffed bears. Help them create key toy making materials like cotton and then get making those cuddly toys! • MULTI-MANAGEMENT Toy Factory is two great games rolled into one, take on the roll of managing the factory floor and ensuring the toys are built to the highest quality on the one hand, but on the other you have a growing toy store to run. Dart up and down the elevator and see if you can handle taking care of two floors at once! For more information or support, please visit iTunes Store Page: Homepage:
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