Rare sale knocks Apple’s luxurious Polishing Cloth down to its all-time-low


If you’re buying a new iPhone 15 Pro, it’s going to get dirty. With an all-glass body and titanium frame, your new phone is going to pick up fingerprints and smudges throughout the day and will need something to clean it. And nothing’s better than the Apple Polishing Cloth—especially when it’s on sale for $17.

Normally selling for $20, the Apple Polishing Cloth is made of “soft, nonabrasive material.” That means it’ll clean all of your screens without the risk of scratching them, including the nano-texture glass of the Pro Display XDR. iFixit did a mock teardown of the cloth and found it to feel “identical to the inner lining of an iPad Smart Cover.”

With 4.5 stars across 550 Amazon reviews, people really like it despite its high price. And what better way to welcome your new iPhone 15 than with the best polishing cloth money can buy?

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