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This Android app development course bundle is still on sale for less than $4

TL;DR: The Android App Development Course and Kotlin Bootcamp Bundle is only $3.90 at the Mashable Shop with code CMSAVE70 as of Dec. 3. Have a great idea for an app? Don’t waste it — build it yourself.  You can learn to … Continue reading

Can the Wristcam actually make the Apple Watch a good camera?

We put the Wristcam to the test to see if it’s actually a worthy Apple Watch companion.

This robot moves just like a human, but that’s about it – Strictly Robots

Ameca is an incredibly lifelike humanoid robot designed by Engineered Arts. While fluid in its motion and capable of creating some seriously impressive facial expressions, its technology falls short.

Feds let debt collectors slide into your DMs

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says that debt collectors are now allowed to text, email, and message people on social media. But don’t worry—the bureau insists it’s still illegal for collection agencies to actively harass someone over a debt they … Continue reading

18 best tweets of the week, including $10 mode, Joseph Thee Stallion, and Gregor Samsa

Thanksgiving is over with, good friends, so deck the halls, pull out your credit cards, flip on Hallmark, prepare yourself for shoveling — the holiday season is here. Yes, we are already somehow one week past gobble gobble season. December! … Continue reading

Viral TikTok recipe for air fryer leftover egg rolls is predictably delicious — and easy

I am firmly in the camp that leftovers from Thanksgiving vastly outpace the quality of the food on the actual holiday. Something magical and mysterious happens in the fridge: The components in the stuffing marry more fully, the mashed potatoes … Continue reading

Deadlock – Clip

  Deadlock – Clip Bruce Willis stars as Ron Whitlock, a wanted criminal leading a team of mercenaries on a mission of vengeance. Convinced that the government is working against them, the merciless group brutally seizes an energy plant and … Continue reading

Death Of A Telemarketer – Clip

  Death Of A Telemarketer – Clip Ace telemarketer Kasey (Lamorne Morris) is in a close sales contest with newbie employee, Barry (Woody McClain), and must score a big sale by midnight or he’ll lose the largest commission to date. … Continue reading

Castle Falls – Clip

  Castle Falls – Clip After decades of neglect, Castle Heights Hospital, this symbol of the city’s segregated past has been packed with dynamite and is ready to be demolished. No one knows that a gang leader, now in prison, … Continue reading

The End Of Us – Clip

  The End Of Us – Clip A witty and timely comedy full of heart and humor. Cohabitating couple Nick and Leah are on the verge of splitting up when the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic forces them to stick together. As … Continue reading