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Buldix Pro helps design web pages with zero coding in no time. It’s also over 90% off.

Website builder apps have to walk a thin tightrope. They need to have all the advanced features and customization options that a user needs to build a cutting edge website capable of standing  shoulder-to-shoulder with other elite web experiences. But … Continue reading


Another day, another crypto heist: Hacker steals $100 million from Harmony blockchain bridge

$100 million. That’s the latest haul from yet another successful crypto heist carried out by hackers finding a weakness to exploit. Harmony, a blockchain bridge that helps facilitate transfers between different cryptocurrency tokens, recently announced that $100 million in cryptocurrency … Continue reading


Suddenly ‘Q’ of the QAnon conspiracy theory has returned after a years-long hiatus

Suddenly ‘Q’ of the QAnon conspiracy theory has returned after a years-long hiatus But, something isn’t quite right. As if enough currently isn’t going on in the world, a major name in far right-wing communities has returned and conspiracy theorists … Continue reading

NASA rolling out its mega moon rocket

NASA’s moon megarocket is supposed to launch soon. Here’s the holdup.

UPDATE: Jun. 25, 2022, 2:02 p.m. EDT On June 24, NASA declared that it completed the launchpad testing for its moon-bound megarocket, the Space Launch System. “We have completed the rehearsal phase, and everything we’ve learned will help improve our … Continue reading

a rock on Mars

Strange Martian rock reveals Mars’ wildly different past

Mars used to be a wildly different land. Though the red planet is bone dry today, NASA’s Curiosity rover recently rumbled by poignant evidence of an ancient watery world. The car-sized robot snapped an image of a unique rock that … Continue reading

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Google warns of ‘hermit spyware’ infecting Android and iOS devices

As part of Google’s efforts to track the activities of commercial spyware vendors, the company’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) released a report Thursday on spyware campaigns targeting Android and iOS users. Google TAG researchers Benoit Sevens and Clement Lecigne go … Continue reading

a huge Alaska brown bear

Stunning fat bear wakes up from hibernation and is still huge

Alaska’s fat bears lose up to a third of their weight during their deep winter slumber. They often appear in spring or early summer looking relatively gaunt. But the live streaming wildlife cameras in Katmai National Park and Preserve … Continue reading

Space Gray Mac mini

How the M2 will shape the next Macs and complete the Apple silicon transition

After months–if not years–of fevered theorizing over Apple’s chip roadmap for the Mac, this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, at last, gave us a tantalizing peek at the successor to the blockbuster M1, released a little over a year and a … Continue reading

a crater on the moon from a rocket impact

A rocket slammed into the moon. NASA got a picture.

The moon has a strange, new crater. But this one’s not natural. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which began mapping the moon in 2009, spotted the impact site of a recent rocket crash on the far side of the moon, which … Continue reading

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10 best kids’ movies on Netflix streaming right now

Seeking kid-friendly entertainment that is sure to satisfy? Netflix has a ton of options, but frankly they can be overwhelming. So, we’ve made things simple by highlighting ten excellent films that’ll delight children — or those who are still a child … Continue reading