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Persian Lessons – Trailer

  Persian Lessons – Trailer Occupied France, 1942. Gilles (Nahuel Pérez Biscayart) is arrested by SS soldiers and sent to a camp in Germany. En route to camp, he avoids sudden execution by telling the guards he’s not Jewish, but … Continue reading

Outpost – Clip

  Outpost – Clip After a violent assault, KATE asks best friend NICKIE for help escaping an abusive ex. Nic’s brother, EARL, hires Kate as a fire lookout in northern Idaho. Kate feels the peaceful solitude will help. But the … Continue reading

The Miracle Club – Trailer 2

  The Miracle Club – Trailer 2 Three close friends who have never left the outskirts of Dublin (much less Ireland) get the journey of a lifetime — a visit to Lourdes, the picturesque French town and place of miracles.Directed … Continue reading

Sound of Freedom – Trailer

  Sound of Freedom – Trailer SOUND OF FREEDOM, based on the incredible true story, shines a light on even the darkest of places. After rescuing a young boy from ruthless child traffickers, a federal agent learns the boy’s sister … Continue reading

The Wrath of Becky – Clip

  The Wrath of Becky – Clip Two years after she escaped a violent attack on her family, Becky attempts to rebuild her life in the care of an older woman – a kindred spirit named Elena. But when a … Continue reading

Bobcat Moretti – Trailer

  Bobcat Moretti – Trailer Bobby Moretti is an obese multiple sclerosis patient who is struggling to cope with personal tragedy and find inner peace. Looking for a fresh start, Bobby takes up boxing, the same sport his late father … Continue reading

Sheroes – Trailer

  Sheroes – Trailer Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan: First Kill), Sasha Luss (Anna), Wallis Day (Batwoman), and Skai Jackson (Bunk’d) star in the ultimate adrenaline-fueled thrill ride from a producer of Spring Breakers. When four thick-as-thieves friends arrive in Thailand for … Continue reading

Barbie – Trailer 3

  Barbie – Trailer 3 To live in Barbie Land is to be a perfect being in a perfect place. Unless you have a full-on existential crisis. Or you’re a Ken.Directed by: Greta GerwigStarring: Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell, … Continue reading

Problemista – Trailer

  Problemista – Trailer Alejandro (Torres) is an aspiring toy designer from El Salvador, struggling to bring his unusual ideas to life in New York City. As time on his work visa runs out, a job assisting an erratic art-world … Continue reading

The Flash – Trailer 3

  The Flash – Trailer 3 Worlds collide in “The Flash” when Barry uses his superpowers to travel back in time in order to change the events of the past. But when his attempt to save his family inadvertently alters … Continue reading