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There There – Clip

  There There – Clip Acclaimed filmmaker Andrew Bujalski (Support the Girls, Computer Chess) explores the precarious nature of human connection in There There, a round robin of emotional two-character vignettes in which seven people reach out and bond momentarily, … Continue reading

Puss In Boots: The Last Wish – Trailer 3

  Puss In Boots: The Last Wish – Trailer 3 After burning though eight lives, Puss in Boots sets out on an epic journey to find the mythical Last Wish and restore all nine.Directed by: Joel CrawfordStarring: Antonio Banderas, Salma … Continue reading

Reflections of a Broken Memory – Trailer

  Reflections of a Broken Memory – Trailer Confused and shocked, Jay has no idea how he came to be on his knees in his front yard holding a gun to his head. Even more confusing, there is a dead … Continue reading

Flaming Ears – Trailer

  Flaming Ears – Trailer Flaming EarsĀ is a pop sci-fi lesbian extravaganza set in the year 2700 in the fictional burned-out city of Asche that follows the tangled lives of three women. Spy is a comic book artist whose printing … Continue reading

When Men Were Men – Trailer

  When Men Were Men – Trailer In a rural town a teen lives a double life; One being his true self as a boy named Kieran. The other around his religious family where he must play the part of … Continue reading

Night of the Tommyknockers – Trailer

  Night of the Tommyknockers – Trailer When miners blast for gold in 1856, they accidentally release ancient creatures known as Tommyknockers! The Town of Deer Creek, Nevada is soon under siege with only a handful of survivors held up … Continue reading

Shadow Master – Clip

  Shadow Master – Clip Slain during a ferocious fight and reborn with supernatural powers, one man stands between demonic forces bent on hastening the Apocalypse and a ragtag group of apartment dwellers protecting their children from certain peril. SHADOW … Continue reading

Savage Salvation – Trailer

  Savage Salvation – Trailer Newly engaged Shelby John (Jack Huston) and Ruby Red (Willa Fitzgerald) have turned their life around with the support of Peter (John Malkovich). After finding Ruby dead on their porch, Shelby goes on a vengeful … Continue reading

Sam & Kate – Trailer

  Sam & Kate – Trailer A life-affirming family dramedy starring OscarĀ®-winners Dustin Hoffman and Sissy Spacek, Sam & Kate takes place in a small town in the heart of the country. Hoffman plays Bill, the larger-than-life father to Sam … Continue reading

The Eternal Daughter – Trailer

  The Eternal Daughter – Trailer Returning to a hotel now haunted by its mysterious past, an artist and her elderly mother confront long-buried secrets in their former family home. Featuring a towering, deeply moving performance by Tilda Swinton in … Continue reading