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Genre: Finance
Release Date: May 4, 2020

The new way to invest... is you.

Grifin makes investing as energizing as buying your morning coffee.

Go to Starbucks, place an order, and instantly invest $1 in Starbucks stock.

Shopped on Amazon? Now you own it too.

When you shop at a company you can't invest in, you still get to put away $1.

Use that extra cash to invest more in the companies you already own.

Turn life’s greatest moments into investments.

Shares become shareable.

Stocks become stories.

Download the app and join the #grifinfam today!

*See our complete commissions and fees on our website at

Grifin is a personal investing app where you use your money to buy stock in the companies you love. We are not a rewards program… yet ;).



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Grifin, LLC (“Grifin”) an affiliate of Interest Financial provides a tool through its app, with patent pending, designed to aid Interest Financial’s clients in automatic purchases of securities.

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